Brindisi Port Authority


The origin of Brindisi goes back to the Mycenaean age. First documented settlements go back to the 8th century b.C. during the Messapic age. In 266 b.C. Romans connected the city with the capital of the empire constructing the Appian and the Traian way making Brindisi one of the most important ports in the roman empire (both as naval base and as trading centre towards the east).
In the following centuries, Brindisi kept its strategic importance as port. Thanks to its geographic location, Brindisi port has always been in the middle of the routes that connected the east with the west.
Nowadays Brindisi Port Authority is responsible for different important aspects, such as:

  1. Addressing, planning, coordinating, promoting and controlling of port operations and other commercial and industrial activities in ports. The port authority also exercises regulatory powers and order, with regard to security against the risks of accidents related to these activities and the conditions of hygiene in workplaces.
  2. Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the common parts of the port estate, including that for the maintenance of the seabed.
  3. Control of the activities aimed at the provision (for payment, to port users) of services of general interest, not the same or closely related to port operations.