Patras port authority


The Patras Port plays an important role in the economic life of Patras, Western Greece and Greece in general. The Patras Port consists of a Passengers Port, which handles an important part of the total passengers sea traffic between Greece and other countries, and a Commercial Port. The port is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 11 members.

The Mission of the Patras Port Authority with respect to its role in the field of marine transportation is the development of the Patras Port as the West Gate of Greece towards Italy and the rest of European Union. The realization of the Port’s Vision depends on the exploitation of the following advantages of the Patras Port:

  1. The strategic position of the Patras Port in connecting Greece with the rest of European countries and other Mediterranean countries creates chances of development related to the European Port Policy and the European Policy for Regional Development.
  2. The Patras Port is greatly favoured by the increasing importance given to the European Networks of Combined Transports especially during the present circumstances.
  3. The contiguity of the Patras port (through the Adriatic sea) with the rest of European countries, the direct access to the motorway towards Athens and Thessaloniki, and the future conjunction of the railway with the New Patras Port give the Patras port many advantages, and integrate it into the European Network of Combined Transports.