Project Methodology


The project is organised in 6 Work Packages continuously active.

WP1 – Management/coordination
– is led by University of Patras, the Lead Partner (LP).

WP2 – Information and Publicity – is led by the Centre for Business Innovation – University of Salento and is focused on the development of a Web Portal that continues to operate after the end of project. This WP includes also the organisation of workshops, and the implementation of the actions required to inform and communicate about the project activities.

WP3 – Development of unified system needs and specifications – is led by the Brindisi Port Authority and includes the development of a unified system of port-ITS practices for the Portal. It relies on needs of ports/near-port areas in Apulia & Western Greece by different users, e.g., truckers, tourists, locals. Each partner collects its area info, i.e. ports of Patras & Brindisi, urban & regional. The unified specifications & requirements are used to develop the project services, and are available to interested users for port-ITS applications.

WP 4 – Design of unified access & route guidance platform for safe/sustainable multimodal port – (led by the Patras Port Authority) and WP5 – Integration and user/technical evaluation of unified pilot services – (led by the University of Patras) develop pilot-test & evaluate the integrated platform and portal of interactive services of information/guidance to ports and their regions. 3 pilots are realised in WP5, 2 in/around Patras & Brindisi ports, and 1 in the regions. Each is oriented differently and all 3 are complementary and cover all relevant port-ITS services. Each pilot evaluation is based on unified evaluation plan that includes user-related, technical, and impact analysis.

WP6 – Sustainable access/guidance portal operation, implementation & competitiveness – is led by the Decentralised Administrations of Western Greece, Peloponnese and Ionian Islands, and is focused on the development of the Impact Analysis, and a Capitalisation Plan based on the pilot results In the end this will lead to develop the Greece-Italy Ports Centre of Competitiveness, including operational plan and supporting education material.

The Centre will be located in Western Greece-Apulia Area and will continue operating beyond end of project to ensure sustainability of the Portal and interactive services.