Expected results


Project results are expected as medium and long term effects of project activities.

The project will result in reduction of congestion in ports and near-port areas. Less congestion leads to lower gas emissions, time delays and oil consumption.

Subsequently it is assumed that the use of these services will save money. Logistics companies will also encounter economic benefits owing to the high standards in terms of safety and security provided. Based on the above the port will gain in competitiveness compared to their competitors and eventually see its market share increase. In addition to the positive results for system users, advantage will derive for near-port urban regions. The project services lead to reduction of negative side effects from port operations. Port-influenced heavy traffic, incidents and pollution will be reduced. Endorsement of ITS techniques and technologies will result to better understanding of their importance on behalf of the administrative authorities.

The number of potential new users embracing port-ITS will increase.

This will lead to establishing GUIDEPORT at additional locations, leading to a larger percent of ITS use, in coherence with EU policies.

In the long term, the benefit from improved route guidance and safety/security measures will lead to substantial impacts, i.e. pollution reduction, property preservation, health improvement.