Expected outputs


The GUIDEPORT project expected outputs will be addressed to:

1. Sustain Port-ITS Network of public/private transport operators, regional/local authorities, and decision makers to support project services, and to report the network design & operation.

2. Encourage the involvement and collaboration of stakeholders, such as regional and port authorities, and transport operators, through the organisation of regional workshops for synthesizing needs, experience and feedback.

3. Guide public/private users in using services through the provision of a toolkit of educational material to increase skills and competences.

4. Collect and make available a database of best ITS-port practices & specifications.

5. Provide a unified web-based portal and support the use of new services based on regional infrastructure and instrumentation in passenger and freight vehicles.

6. Demonstrate the pertinence of the services provided through the experimentation in pilot areas (WESTERN Greece and Apulia).

7. Establish a set of recommendations, in terms of Capitalisation Plan and Impact Analysis for taking up GUIDEPORT by other users/regions and increase the Ports Competitiveness.