The general objective of the project is to provide improved locational information and guidance that reduce congestion, improve access and increase safety and security for passenger and freight vehicles at ports and near ports. For achieving this objective, a set of services will be developed with the main purposes to: reduce incidents, reduce loss or damage, reduce queue time and delay, improve storage conditions and increase efficiency of use and service effectiveness.

The services will specialize in:

1) Best route guidance for port access and congestion avoidance,

2) Port safety and security,

3) High-accuracy vehicle location and logistics in and near port,

4) Incident detection in and near port.

The above mentioned services will address the requirements and needs of two main target groups:

• For fleet managers, the new portal will provide improved real time information and guidance, and will support reduced total transit time and cost of transported goods, improved transport conditions and increased safety and security for the cargo.

• For urban network users, the portal will result in reduced urban congestion, reduced air pollution, and improved access to network services.