The project at a glance


The project idea was built around the INTERREG program objective 2.2 for improvement of transport, information and communication networks and services. The main theme of GUIDEPORT is to support ports and regional authorities to communicate with their users and offer them improved route guidance so that they access the port and its area in a safe and secure manner. This will increase the value of transport experience by fleet managers, truck and auto users, and will increase the competitiveness of the port and the quality of life in the urban area. For supporting port, local and regional authorities in deploying its port-ITS services, GUIDEPORT will implement its transnational activities taking into account related EC directives and Regulations, as well as national regulations of the two participating countries, on Transport and ITS.GUIDEPORT is in coherence with NSRF, TDP, CSGs and IGGJs in the 2 participating countries.